A New Look for the Marstudio Blog

A wonderful thing about creative industries is that you always keep learning. At Marstudio we’ve realized that with every project we take on, our knowledge base increases, and we want to share what we’ve learned with the world.

To do so in the best possible way, we need a blog that’s informative, easy to use, and reflects Marstudio’s cutting-edge design abilities. Our old blog wasn’t enough, so at the end of 2015 we launched our new blog design.

What We Changed

To bring our blog up to speed, we changed a number of things. Our old blog displayed each post with its publish date, title, and content (text/images), but not much more. It worked well for some time, but that time came to an end. We wanted something more interactive, something that would allow users to navigate more easily between posts.

Our new blog design does just that. The blog homepage, instead of showing one entire post after another, shows an aggregate of blog posts in a three-column design that gives you each post’s date, image, title, author, snippet, categories, and link to read more.

Once you get to an individual post, we now include a profile of its author. To make it easier for you to find related content, each post also has a list of relevant tags and categories, plus a related post that you can get to with just one click. And it’s easier than ever to share on social media!

Why We Changed It

As Marstudio has put out increasingly relevant, involved content, we needed a blog that would reflect our content’s value, in terms of both usability and discoverability.

We not only want to make the blog a resource for the outside world and use it increase our SEO ranking, we want it to function as an introduction to our company, our opinions and how we work. Especially with this new design, our blog is a place where you can come to learn about us, what we do, and how we operate, before ever picking up the phone to call.

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