Top Tools and Features to Make Your Blog More Amazing

Good blog content isn’t the only thing that will get your post the attention it deserves. By installing a few added features on your website to enhance functionality, you’re making content easier to read as well as helping new customers more easily discover your business.

Make Your Website Developer Your Blog’s Best Friend

A website developer on your marketing team can enhance your blog by installing “plugins” (extra pieces of code to add to your existing site), or by custom-coding new features. These can give your readers a better experience by:

  • Making it easier to share your blog post via social media or email
  • Giving your readers the option to share a quote from your post directly to Twitter
  • Directing them to the steps you’d like them to take, by adding a sidebar, pop-up, or even just text that’s a call to action (e.g. “Buy Now”)
  • Displaying related posts from your site, so that they can easily find other content that they’re interested in
  • Showing more and more posts as you scroll down (called “masonry scrolling,” like you see on Pinterest) so that it’s easy to keep exploring without clicking to a new page
  • Zooming in on images in a pop-up window (called a “lightbox”) when you click them
  • Offering advanced search functionality to make it easier to find specific content

The advantage of such features is that they can expand your market reach by driving new traffic, keeping readers on your site longer, and prompting them to take action.

See For Yourself – A Quick Stroll through this Blog’s Features

Most of us are online enough to have seen features like these, but you may not have consciously thought, “Aha! That would be great on my company’s blog.” To get you thinking as a business instead of as a consumer, start by taking a closer look at this very blog post.

When you click on the featured photo, the photo fills the screen and you will see a big picture of the tools we use on the Marstudio Blog. When you click “X” to close the photo, you go right back to the blog – the “lightbox” tool lets you examine photographs and illustrations without losing your place. You also can find relevant content through the categories, tags, and related post in the left sidebar, or share a link to the post with your social media network at the bottom of the page.

Call Us to Learn More

If you’re thinking about adding a blog to your website – or think your existing one can be improved – Marstudio can help. We’ll work with you to develop cool tools for the site, designed to increase your business. Oh yes, and here’s an example of that “call-to-action” I mentioned earlier. Give us a call, and we can tailor tools to have the biggest impact for your blog and business.

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