Big Mac, Lil’ Mac

From the iconic Royale with cheese/Le Big Mac conversation in Pulp Fiction, to the catchy “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun” jingle, the Big Mac is a staple of American food and culture. When it comes to American food, the burger is easily at the top of the list for the most popular, and the Big Mac is a world-wide celebrity in that category. So, when we learned at Marstudio that the inventor of the Big Mac, Jim Delligatti, had recently passed away we felt that we had to pay our respects. At Marstudio we strongly believe that great products and great inventors are what inspire great ideas, and we too found inspiration from the great product Jim Delligatti brought to the world on the McDonald’s menu.

Prior to Jim Delligatti’s passing, our CMO Shevy went to Arizona for a business conference to meet with some of the biggest companies, and had the honor of sitting with McDonald’s, where he presented his idea for the Lil’ Mac, his Big Mac inspired campaign. The idea came from the fact that a Big Mac is too big for most, but the iconic and delicious taste of the Big Mac shouldn’t be reserved only to those with a larger appetite, thus the idea of the Lil’ Mac was born. By taking away the second bun and patty, the Lil’ Mac could now be enjoyed by appetites of all sizes. The Big Mac was invented because Mr. Delligatti listened to customers, and learned that they wanted a bigger burger. That burger inspires the food industry to this day and his mentality of using customer desires to drive business and creativity is still at the heart of American business. All in all, we would just like to say rest in peace Jim Delligatti, and thank you for your great invention and inspiration.

Read more about Jim Delligatti and his creation of the Big Mac here.

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