Web Development Vocab – Marstudio Marketing Vocab Cheat Sheet

Every industry has its language, and when marketing nerds like us start really getting into the subject of marketing, we get a bit caught up in the excitement. Impressions here, retargeted ads there, die cuts, SEO, print bleeds, wireframes, SSL, UX, UI, CMYK, opacity, Pantone, rule of thirds, b-roll – we can get out of hand with the jargon.

We realized that people sometimes need a cheat sheet to understand what we are talking about when we are “speaking marketing,” and who better to provide this than your local marketing experts? In our new Marstudio Vocab Cheat Sheet series, we will introduce the top words that we use when discussing projects related to our services. These include everything from web development to print design, so you too can learn to speak marketing.

Check out the first infographic installment of our Marstudio Vocab series, focused on Web Development.

Download your Web Development Vocab Cheat Sheet infographic and have it ready for your next marketing conversation.

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