Film & Videography Vocab – Marstudio Marketing Vocab Cheat Sheet

Even with the popularity of GoPro cameras, video social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and the high-quality video cameras on our phones, many are unfamiliar with a lot of the jargon that is used in the film and photography industry. Whether it is to discuss elements you would like to add to your video, issues you find in it, or simply understanding what your film and photo company is talking about, you need the right knowledge to navigate those conversations. Marstudio is here to help.

In our Marstudio Vocab Cheat Sheet series, we introduce the top words that we use when discussing projects related to our services. These include everything from web development to print design, so you too can learn to speak marketing.

Check out the newest infographic installment of our Marstudio Vocab series, focused on Film & Videography Vocab.

Download your Film & Videography Vocab Cheat Sheet infographic and have it ready for your next conversation.

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