The New Website Standard: Marstudio Morphed & Refined

There was a point in time when the standard for communication was a house phone, with a long curly cord, plugged into a dial on a separate unit. Nowadays, there is a new standard of communication with many forms, including texts, Snapchats, tweets, video calls – and of course, websites.

One of the roles of a company, if they are looking to take leadership of an industry, is to create a new standard. As we look to continuously move the marketing industry forward, we set out to solidify the new standard of websites with our updated site.

We tell our clients “a website is a living, breathing document,” and it should be constantly and consistently updated. We are proud to say with our update, we have not only made it easier to keep our website a living and breathing document, but we also made it easier for you to follow it. Our slogan is “marketing redefined,” and today we will show you how our marketing is also being constantly refined.

New Content Management System

One of the first steps we took to refine our site was to make it easy to continuously refine it. Yes, this may sound redundant, but it was an important change – even if it was a back-end change that users cannot directly see.

With our new content management system, we are able to more easily add new content like clients, portfolio items, services, and our new Morph section (more on that later). This will keep our website refreshed in the many areas where we are constantly growing, allowing visitors to find fresh inspiration and see all of the latest work with every visit.

A More Refined Mobile Experience

We all know that a refined mobile experience, on social media and even restaurant and retail sites, is now essential for every business to have. But for corporate websites, it is only recently that more than 50% of users have begun visiting these sites from their phones.

We wanted to make sure that as more users visit our site from cell phones and other small screens, they will experience the same refined and clean UI/UX that they would on a full computer screen. To do, this we redesigned our mobile menu, our mobile layout, and many other features to make sure all users have a consistent experience on our site, no matter what device they use to visit it.

Now Presenting Marstudio Morph

One of the new features on our website is our Morph section. Showing how our approach with all of our clients is unique and based on their needs, our Morph section shows the process we take with each our clients. Displaying some of our favorite projects, Marstudio Morph focuses on the Challenge we faced, the Solution we used to approach it, and the Brand Expansion we have created and will use moving forward.

These pieces make it easy to see how we take a client’s individual brand and customer base, and combine it with our creative vision to morph their company’s visual aesthetic across all their marketing collateral. As we create each Morph post, we make sure to craft a narrative that is not only engaging but is an accurate depiction of how we created the refreshed look for our clients. Make sure to explore our Morph section and check back regularly for new clients.

The upkeep of a website is not something any company can afford to overlook. Whether it’s for SEO reasons, user experience, or simple content updates, keeping a consistent lifeline of new content to your site is key. We make sure to equip all of our clients with the tools to do this, because we do the same for ourselves. We want to ensure that every time a user visits and revisits our website, the experience is inspirational, informative, and always fresh.

Through an updated design and constantly updated content, we can ensure that Marstudio is the new standard. Make sure to stop by our site regularly to see what is new with Marstudio, and make sure to contact us if you are looking to refine your own website today.

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