The Importance of Multifaceted Marketing Campaigns

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s a repeated cliché, primarily because it’s true. Investing your time and money in only one idea is risky. It’s equally risky to invest all of your marketing budget in one ad, or one type of ad. A multifaceted marketing campaign is one that reaches people with more than one medium. A multifaceted campaign may consist of any combination of a print ad, a digital ad, a direct mail flyer, a booth at a trade show… the possibilities are endless.

A multifaceted approach allows you to both reach new people, and to reach the same potential clients multiple times. Common marketing wisdom says that 7-10 touches will increase the chance of a sale by 50%. If you’re sending out direct mail flyers, using Google Ads to reach people online, and appearing at trade shows, you’re much more likely to find your customer than if you’re only reaching out in one of those ways. By planning a multifaceted campaign, you can track where your most successful leads come from, ensure that your message is consistent, and schedule ads to appear to people at appropriate intervals.

This may seem like a logical approach to marketing. But some companies choose not to engage in a multifaceted campaign simply because it’s not the way they’ve marketed in the past. Smaller companies, or those who have achieved some success without marketing, are prone to believing that they have found a secret marketing formula or medium.

The truth is that often these businesses have succeeded despite their lack of a multifaceted approach, as opposed to because of it. If a new competitor, one who understands the value of multifaceted marketing, comes into the arena, the business may find that their trusted method of outreach no longer works as well. The ability to pivot and reach new audiences, or reach your existing audience in a new way, is another benefit of multifaceted marketing.

In order to launch a successful campaign, it’s important to work with a company with expertise in all the mediums you want to use. It is possible to work with a variety of freelancers or agencies and launch different campaigns, but by doing so you’ll lose consistency. A consistent look and message are essential for a campaign to be successful. Working with someone different for each type of ad or campaign may also be more expensive in the long run, as each type of marketing will require starting from scratch with your company.

Although trying new things and branching out in different directions can be frightening, a multifaceted marketing approach is a logical way to reach your customers and clients. Contact Marstudio to find out how we can help!

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