UBER’s Quiet Rebrand Makes App Icon Harder to Spot

by Sam R.

Sometimes companies rebrand themselves with a lot of hoopla and fanfare – as Yahoo did, and the end result was a huge disappointment. So there is merit in doing a rebrand quietly, and that is what UBER opted for.[…]

How Many Easter Eggs Did You Catch in This Year’s Game Ads?

by Annie K.

It’s no secret that Super Bowl advertising is one of the most expensive (and, we hope, creative) marketing efforts a company can invest in. So this is the perfect time of year to gather with friends and enjoy some great snacks while watching the best part of the game: the commercials![…]

What the “Big Game” Can Do for Your Brand, Without a TV Ad

by Annie K.

Marstudio’s “Big Game” Commercial

Last year we created a “commercial” poking fun at the exorbitant costs of airing an ad during the “Big Game”… and we’ve just found out that it received an Honorable Mention from the 2016 AVA Digital Awards![…]

IN & OUT Design Trends for 2016

by Sam R.

We always keep a close eye on the latest web design trends, and this year has been no exception. As we move into 2016, there are a number of trends we’ve seen build momentum, while others have fizzled out. There are also a number of hot trends in 2015 that will continue to gain strength in the new year.[…]

Five Misconceptions About Graphic Design

by Sam R.

I’ve been in the graphic design arena for more than three decades now, and I’ve seen my share of myths and misconceptions in this field. Design plays a crucial role in the success of any business, small or large, but I often hear it dismissed as effortless or even unnecessary.[…]

data visualizations

Ridiculous Data Visualizations

by Marstudio Inc.

Using data to create visual representations is a great way to convey information to intended audiences. However, even with the best intentions, data visualizations can go terribly wrong. See examples of what NOT to do here.[…]

adult coloring book

Moleskine’s New Adult Coloring Book

by Marstudio Inc.

Adult coloring books were all the rage this past holiday gift-giving season. Now Moleskine, a company known for their fine-crafted notebooks, journals, and planners, is throwing their hat in the adult-coloring-book ring. Find out which award-winning illustrator Moleskine teamed up with to create the beautiful designs here.[…]

package design

New Package Design for Black Bird Beer

by Marstudio Inc.

Elegance and beer don’t usually go hand in hand—but for handcrafted beer Black Bird, their new packaging design is bringing the two terms together beautifully. Check out more of this elegant new design here.

What You Need to Win Marketing in 2016

by Annie K.

It’s the new year! And like every new year, you go through your stuff and throw out your old calendar, your old notecards, your… marketing strategy?

Well, in some senses. The new year brings new ways to reach people,[…]