Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the difference?

by Shevy S.

Marstudio is a Brand Strategy Firm and Creative Marketing Agency, so we work on a lot of branding and marketing initiatives. One thing that we’ve noticed over and over is that there is a lot of confusion about the difference between branding and marketing.[…]

6 Steps to Rebrand a Product for Selling Online

by Sam R.

Our client, Gemnique, came to us last year looking to rebrand the company. The unique gem wholesaler had been selling their products on Amazon, but they wanted to make their brand compelling enough to sell directly to the consumer through their own website.[…]

Bus Ads Mimic “Be Like Bill” Meme

by Marstudio Inc.

Starting this week, you may see ads on the backs of buses encouraging you to “Be like Jill” or “Be like Bob.” These are part of an advertising campaign that Marstudio created for WTOP Radio, the Washington area’s top news,[…]

What Marketing and Tech Can Learn from Each Other

by Annie K.

Last month I attended the Women in Tech Summit, a gathering of fellow developers and digital strategists. Throughout many fascinating workshops, panels, and presentations, one theme stood out to me personally – the striking similarities between the tech industry and the marketing industry.[…]

How a Creative Agency Stands Out at a Trade Show

by Shevy S.

Last year, we participated in the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) trade show at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is a huge trade show, attracting nearly 40,000 people every year. In fact, it filled two floors in the gigantic McCormick Place,[…]

Free phone from Samsung for customer who drew a dragon

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

by Annie K.

“Customer service” used to be something that only happened between you and your customers. But now, with social media, the whole world can see how you respond to customer feedback – making your reactions a form of marketing.

I’ve spoken about this topic at multiple workshops,[…]

Marstudio headquarters in Rockville Metro Plaza MD

VIDEO: The Making of Marstudio’s New Headquarters in Rockville, MD

by Marstudio Inc.

Marstudio, Inc. recently moved into a strategic new location at Rockville Metro Plaza in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. Because so much creative design went into the construction, environmental design, and interior elements of our workspace, Marstudio’s Corporate Film &[…]

A New Look for the Marstudio Blog

by Sam R.

A wonderful thing about creative industries is that you always keep learning. At Marstudio we’ve realized that with every project we take on, our knowledge base increases, and we want to share what we’ve learned with the world.

To do so in the best possible way,[…]

All Facebook Reactions new emotions emoticons

What’s Your Reaction to Facebook’s New “Reactions”?

by Annie K.

Instead of just “liking” a post on Facebook, you can now also indicate whether it makes you feel Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry.

No instructions are given for how to select an emotion; users are left to discover it by hovering over the “Like”[…]