Project Challenge:

Trevigen is an innovative biotechnology company focused on the development of products and technology for cancer research and genetic toxicology. In particular, they emphasize apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and cancer cell function and behavior. When they approached Marstudio, they were successful from a business standpoint, but they understood that they did not have the marketing tools to maintain consistent growth. We identified that their brand was outdated and that they had little cohesion across their marketing collateral. In addition, their online presence and e-commerce system needed a redesign and functionality update. In short, they needed a full branding renewal and we had to figure out how to modernize their visual brand while still keeping the integrity they built and giving them a means of standing out within a stale industry. This also had to be done while simultaneously trying to simplify the complex messaging that came with the industry-specific work that they do.

Trevigen Website Before and After

Our Solution:

As with many of our clients, we started by focusing on branding. Their old logo was a simple wordmark, a very commonly used tool in branding within the medical and biotech industries. It used a stock font that was not ideal for use across multiple marketing platforms, especially digital. To create some differentiation, we decided to design a unique icon with custom font for Trevigen. Pulling from the products they develop, we created multiple icon options that reflected DNA mapping, cell growth, and even 3D cultures. In the end, they chose an icon option that was unique, colorful, and fully customized for their company. We paired this with custom font for the wordmark, making slight alterations to the tone of their purple and created Trevigen’s new, high-impact branding.

Brand Expansion:

With a unique and more versatile branding for Trevigen, we went to work on modernizing and creating more cohesion within their marketing. We used their new branding to design a website that reflected the quality of their products. Sprinkling elements of the new logo from the icon to the colors across it, their new website is more user-friendly, with an optimized e-commerce system to back it, ensuring that every customer’s experience is at its peak. Doing a full brand overhaul, we created new collateral that took advantage of their refreshed branding, including business cards, letterheads, email templates, and new product packaging from labels to shipping boxes. Their new refined look and distinction in the industry have led Trevigen to be acquired by biotech industry leader, Bio-Techne.

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