Kicks Karate

Project Challenge:

With various locations in the Maryland and Northern Virginia areas, Kicks-Karate has established itself as a well-known, local martial arts academy. We knew that with the numerous martial arts schools in the area, we needed to keep their brand value high while still giving them a brand image that helped them stand out as the best. The challenge was to reinvent Kicks Karate’s identity with a branding upgrade that would maximize the potential of this martial arts academy. They already had the structure and reach needed to maximize their growth, they just needed the marketing to drive it.

Kick's Karate | Website

Marstudio’s Solution:

It all starts with the logo and branding. With Kicks Karate we did not want to do a full rebranding because their existing logo already had recognizability and value. So instead, we went with a refining. We focused our attention on refining the lines, updating the typeface to make it more modern, and fine-tuning the color palette to a more sophisticated tone. Their updated logo integrated the typeface and icon, increased simplicity, readability and overall, gave it a more cohesive look. Both pieces of the logo can be used together or separately. This allows them to have a full logo but also gives them an icon that could be used for smaller mobile screens.

Brand Expansion:

After completing their refined logo and icon, we now had the tools to expand their brand across multiple platforms. We went to work on redesigning their website to give it a more modern look and feel, using elements of their more flushed out brand across the site and enhancing functionality and user experience. We also redesigned their uniform patches, created email templates, t-shirt designs (along with other branded materials), created a swag shop, and gave them multiple other pieces for them to use across their marketing. Kicks Karate continues to expand and grow as they recently opened a new location in Kensington MD.

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