NYX Entertainment & Events

Project Challenge:

From weddings and social events to bar and bat mitzvahs, NYX Entertainment & Events does it all. As an entertainment provider, they know how to give partygoers the time of their lives, but what they needed help with was their branding. That’s where Marstudio came in. The challenge was to create designs that would accurately reflect the high-energy and excitement of an NYX event without appearing too cluttered. Parties are for everyone and they needed a brand that could appeal to everyone as well.


Marstudio’s Solution:

They had the brand, but we did the update, which came in the form of a refined and revitalized design. We expanded their brand language, providing content that clearly defined every service silo they provided. Breathing new life into their product, we were able to create a fresh and modernized design that would allow them to appeal to much broader audiences. The logo became sleek and cool, surrounded by an explosion of color to make their brand really “pop.” The design walks a fine line between futuristic and charmingly retro, giving it the perfect blend of liveliness and professionalism. The world of NYX is fun and exciting and now, their branding is too.

Brand Expansion:

After completing their brand rejuvenation, we set our sights on expanding their brand across multiple platforms. Utilizing their new fleshed-out brand, we created an assortment of different collateral for them, providing print material, social media graphics, and ads. We also created leave-behind materials like rack cards and flyers. In addition to promotional material, we built a website from the ground up, working off the site they had in place and breathing new life into it. We designed a brand new homepage, refined subpages, and modified their content. Afterward, we worked on solutions to improve SEO rankings and gave them consultation on how to maintain the quality of the site. With their new look, NYX truly is the life of the party at all hours of the day.


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