LPP Law Case Study

Project Challenge

When LPP Law came to Marstudio, she was just starting her journey of migrating from a corporate practice, to a private one. She needed a branding that reflected what her practice really focused on and a nice, modernized feel to go along with it. This new, uniform branding had to be represented across all forms of collateral, including their website.


Marstudio’s Solution:

We started off with a brand direction to help pinpoint the areas that needed attention the most, giving us direction on how to set up a visual guide for the company’s refreshed branding. We decided on something simple, yet sophisticated to accurately portray the professionalism of LPP Law’s company. These concepts were also applied to the website, where we imported our new designs and updated the content.

Brand Expansion:

As LPP Law continued to embark on new endeavors, we provided collateral for upcoming projects. Included in this were ads provided through various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. In order to boost engagement, we created the graphics, updated posts, and used social media in tandem with her website to reach a more widespread audience. The key challenge with LPP Law was finding a voice and image to accurately represent her company, but still be palatable to the average audience. Through the use of our design techniques and branding expertise, we were able to find a style and tone that reflected the kind of business LPP Law is.


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