FirstTeam’s Informational Booklet: A Great Selling Tool

FirstTeam VIP Health Services is an emerging personal at-home care provider located in California. Marstudio developed a unique, corporate visual identity for the company that included the FirstTeam logo, brand colors, branding guide, business cards, letterheads, and various other pieces of print collateral. Once Marstudio established the basics of FirstTeam’s brand identity, we began developing sales and marketing collateral. The FirstTeam Booklet was created to illustrate FirstTeam’s prestigious brand and comforting company attitude, and educate potential patients about FirstTeam’s services and capabilities.





The book relies heavily on visuals, including photographs and a very basic infographic, to help readers envision the satisfying life that FirstTeam helps maintain through quality at-home care. The clean layout is visually pleasing and easy to read. The information is strategically broken down and placed so as to not overwhelm the reader, but guide their eye to each important section. As a whole, the book is an effective sales tool and a persuasive portrayal of FirstTeam’s brand and services!

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