Bubble Bounce’s New Logo and Character Mascot Support Company Growth

Bubble Bounce is one of the fastest growing children’s play centers in the DC Metropolitan area. The centers are located in shopping malls and allow parents to shop kid-free while their children enjoy an inflatable playground in a safe environment.

In order to take full advantage and further their growth, Bubble Bounce approached Marstudio in search of a branding overhaul. Marstudio wanted to create a brand that embodied the playful, high-energy environment that Bubble Bounce offers, so we developed a “bubble boy” character: Bernie Bubbles.

Bernie Bubbles is a little boy made of bubbles. His age is ambiguous so kids of various ages can relate to him. The letter “B” is knocked out from his chest to further associate his character with Bubble Bounce. Bernie Bubbles can act as a stand alone character, but is also the main component of Bubble Bounce’s new logo. He sits centered on top of the company name being pulled upwards by a collection of three balloons. He is the centerpiece, and the rest of the logo has been strategically designed to focus your eye on him.

The logo typeface compliments the curvy nature of Bernie Bubbles and appears to also be made of bubbles due to the slight reflections in the “B”‘s. The shadow that falls underneath the typeface centers the logo and supports the illusion that Bernie Bubbles is floating. The brand colors are gender neutral, and in the logo, “Bubble Bounce” and the three balloons are illustrated in slightly more subtle colors, allowing Bernie Bubbles to stand out in orange and make an impact. The final logo is clean, professional, and fun: the perfect balance of kid-friendly and parent-friendly design.

Original concept sketch of Bernie Bubbles
Original concept sketch of Bernie Bubbles

The application of Bernie Bubbles is essentially limitless. He can be applied to bags, frequent visitor cards, wallpaper, stickers, toys, and more. This flexibility and opportunity for expansion is the perfect brand character for Bubble Bounce as it continues its growth trajectory.

Bubble Bounce has been especially fun to work with because of the abundance of collateral that is in need of branding. We are looking forward to sharing the collateral we’ve been designing that will further develop and solidify the Bubble Bounce brand!

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