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Business Development Through Community Development

by Marstudio Inc.

Marstudio was started on the idea of helping businesses meet new levels of success. The beauty of this approach is the more successful our clients are, the more opportunities we have for success. The same goes for our community. If we are willing to invest in the development of our community,[…]

How the Power of a Social Media Strategy Can Increase Sales

by Marstudio, Inc.

Our client Geminique sells glass gems and water beads as decorative accents for crafts, floral arrangements, and home d├ęcor. Over the last two years, Marstudio has helped the company with rebranding, redesigning their packaging, and redesigning their website.[…]

6 Steps to Rebrand a Product for Selling Online

by Sam R.

Our client, Gemnique, came to us last year looking to rebrand the company. The unique gem wholesaler had been selling their products on Amazon, but they wanted to make their brand compelling enough to sell directly to the consumer through their own website.[…]