#MarsTrendBite: Beer Packaging Gets Arts and Crafty

The landscape of the beer and liquor industry is ever evolving. New breweries and unique distilleries are being created across the country, with a large number of them hoping to tap into the craft beer movement. If you ask any fan of a good IPA, they would agree that craft beer and creativity go hand in hand. So it’s only natural that these brewers choose to display their artistry not just within the can, but on the outside as well. For our first #MarsTrendBite we gathered up some of our favorite can designs from around the web! Let us know which ones are your fave! Salud!

Black Bellows can design by Josh Warren on Dribbble.

Fort Point can design by Manual, featured on The Dieline.

Old World Imperial Stout can design by Jay Master

Sycamore Brewing Country Side beer can design by Kendrick Kidd on Dribbble.

Commmonwealth Brewing Co. can design by Thirst, featured on The Dieline.

Craft beer design from AND UNION.

Craft can concept from Chase Turberville on Dribbble.

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