Marstudio is a 2018 Hermes Awards Winner!

Even though awards season is done, it is just getting started for us at Marstudio. Through our work with our clients, we have been inspired, tested, and had to execute ideas that are more creative and more unique than we have in the past. We’ve been able to do this across diverse industries with focuses on different target markets. Through all of our efforts, the satisfaction from our clients has always been a reward in itself, along with the look of confidence on their faces from knowing that their business is now presented in a more refined and aesthetically pleasing light.

But a few trophies and honors never hurt, either. That is why we are proud to announce that we have received honors from Hermes Creative for our work with our clients A&S Stone and Tile, TalEx, and dHive for print and web design.

About Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes is an international competition for creative professionals. The Hermes Creative Awards honor “the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media.” Entries are judged based on their concept, writing, design, and use of emerging technologies. This competition is judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, which seeks out the best the world has to offer in design and creative projects, and sets the true standard for excellence.

Being judged against a group of our peers, by our peers, is why we are truly honored to receive these awards, because we are being judged by those who set the standard and push the envelope of creativity and design. Knowing that we can sit atop that group, and that our clients are getting award-winning design, is a validation that any designer or design company dreams of.

The TalEx Website – Hermes Gold Award for Website Design

TalEx is a professional staffing company based in Washington, DC. They came to us wanting to redesign their website, making it something modern and unique that more accurately reflects their brand. To do this, we infused elements of their new Marstudio-designed logo, and created a website redesign that truly encapsulates who TalEx is. Check out their new website at

The dHive Brochure – Hermes Platinum Award for Brochure Design

Dynamic Hive (or dHive) is a US-based manufacturer with over two decades of experience providing architects and designers with innovative environmental solutions. As a longtime client of Marstudio, they worked with us to create an updated brochure to use at trade shows and conferences, as well as for general marketing purposes. Creating a layout that displays their brand but keeps the focus on high-impact photography, we were able to make something that could impact a viewer and start the sales process for dHive the instant someone picks up the brochure.

The A&S Website – Hermes Platinum Award for Website Design

A&S is a natural stone and tile company. They were looking to grow their B2C Home division through a website redesign, while giving their Commercial division a refined but simple web presence. Having created a split branding for them, we designed a website that reflects this branding – creating a web presence that is informative, user-friendly, unique, and a reflection of the beautiful craftsmanship and work A&S does on a daily basis. Check out their website at

We are honored to have been awarded for our hard work, and look forward to creating more award-worthy work for our clients moving forward. Make sure to check out our Awards page to see other projects we have been recognized for.

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