Print Design Vocab – Marstudio Marketing Vocab Cheat Sheet

Everyone who has a printer at home may think they are experts in printing and print design because they know what direction to flip the paper to print it on both sides. But when it comes to professional printing, it is a whole different ball game. With terms like die-cut, bleeds, and even hierarchy, there are essential terms you need to understand to make sure you get what you want and that you understand what designers and printers are saying.

In our Marstudio Vocab Cheat Sheet series, we introduce the top words that we use when discussing projects related to our services. These include everything from web development to print design, so you too can learn to speak marketing.

Check out the newest infographic installment of our Marstudio Vocab series, focused on Printing & Print Design Vocab.

Download your Print Design Vocab Cheat Sheet infographic and have it ready for your next marketing conversation.

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