Business Development Through Community Development

Marstudio was started on the idea of helping businesses meet new levels of success. The beauty of this approach is the more successful our clients are, the more opportunities we have for success. The same goes for our community. If we are willing to invest in the development of our community, we give our business a greater opportunity for success. Understanding this philosophy, our CEO Sherwin Shafie partnered with Rebuilding Together Montgomery County to do just that.

Who is Rebuilding Together Montgomery County?

To give a bit of background, Rebuilding Together Montgomery County works with homeowners to match their service needs with qualified volunteers, skilled tradesmen, and county resources to improve their clients’ homes and quality of life. This kind of work is always needed in any community, so supporting an organization like Rebuilding Together is always beneficial. Looking to spread our philanthropy reach, Marstudio’s leadership began looking for the right opportunity, and found Rebuilding Together Montgomery County at the perfect time.

It All Started with a Consultation

As with many strong partnerships, the Marstudio/Rebuilding Together relationship did not happen overnight. After being introduced in a consultation, Sherwin and Rebuilding Together’s Director of Development Elisa Hermes reconnected at a couple networking events and even at church over the course of a year. Having become familiar with each other, Elisa approached Sherwin to see if he was interested in the executive board member position at Rebuilding Together that had just opened up. After meeting some of the other members of the organization and couple rounds of interviews, he was unanimously voted in as a board member.

Marketing Meets Philanthropy

With an avenue to serve the community, our CEO had to find how we would use his unique skills and talent to contribute to the Rebuilding Together cause. So, after careful consideration Sherwin joined the board with one goal in mind, build brand awareness for Rebuilding Together. As the CEO of Marstudio, a company that has unique and diverse marketing expertise, he realized he brought with him the opportunity to spread the name of Rebuilding Together across Montgomery County, the DMV, and even nationwide. We can do what we do best, while giving back to the community in a philanthropic manner. By doing this we are building up our community, allowing for more businesses to thrive.

In the past we have discussed how social responsibility, and even philanthropy marketing, must naturally fit within your business. Otherwise, it will fail to register with your customers, and may even cause friction because of creating benefits for those on the receiving end of your work. Using your company’s own expertise and skills can be the best avenue for doing this work, and sometimes that means using your reach to create awareness for a cause you find important.

Whatever avenue you choose, these actions can help build your community, which in time can help boost your businesses success. But it is key to remember that the cause comes first, and any benefits that follow are just graceful blessings.

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