Anglin Consulting Group

Who Is Anglin Consulting Group?

Anglin Consulting Group is an up-and-coming government contracting entity that has carved a niche for itself in the government sector. The consultants are constantly strategizing in order to enhance their clients’ bottom line. They offer services such as various business solutions, financial solutions, and American Sign Language interpretation.

Anglin’s Challenge

Anglin needed to appear as an experienced company with a strong presence in their field instead of blending in with the sea of other government contracting entities. She needed to stand out and really distinguish her brand to extend her reach.

Marstudio’s Solution

Our first step was to employ a rebranding initiative, leveraging design from the company’s name.

Their new logo takes heavy imagery from the letter “A” in their name, retooling the shape so it looks like a protractor. This protractor element also allowed for a more tongue-in-cheek reference to the “Always from a Different Angle” tagline the company has. The color scheme was chosen as a way to convey that their business was trustworthy.

After we designed the new logo, we brought a new website into the fold. The brand’s color scheme was employed on the site, which we designed to be highly user-friendly. The new brand was then redistributed across several of Anglin’s collateral, such as business cards, a capability statement, and more.

This branding initiative started from the ground up and by the end, Anglin appeared credible, capable, and distinguishable from everyone else in the industry.


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