Learn & Soar

Who Is Learn & Soar?

Learn & Soar aims to make learning fun and interactive for both students and parents. They work either one-on-one or in small groups so their tutors can observe the students and decide on what learning plan would work best for them.

Learn & Soar’s Challenge

Learn & Soar did not have a brand presence at the time of their engagement with us. Additionally, their logo was not suited for the type of organization were and it didn’t provide them with the credibility they needed. Their business visualization was inconsistent and unable to help them break into the education market effectively.

Marstudio’s Solution

We aimed to create a design which would showcase their versatility and professionalism in their respective field of education. The logo uses visual elements from well-known educational tools and creates a fun, yet engaging image for the viewer to connect with.

As for their website, we stuck to this theme, using common education-related imagery in a sophisticated, exciting platform for users to engage with. Additionally, we applied their new brand to other collateral such as business cards.

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