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Who Is Moby Dick House of Kabob?

Moby Dick House of Kabob is a local food chain that has introduced the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas to traditional Persian cuisine.

Moby Dick’s Challenge

When Moby Dick approached us, they already had a website and brand redesign, but the problem they were facing was that everything surrounding their branding was disjointed. They also lacked a cohesive marking and brand exposure strategy.

Marstudio’s Solution

Marstudio went to work on making sure their brand was consistent across all mediums. We expanded on their branding by providing them with additional collateral, including posters, flyers, table tents, menus and packaging.

We have since done environmental designs for Moby Dick. We also set up a complete digital infrastructure, which includes emails, social media, and web assets. Additionally, we have set up an apparel shop for them and designed multiple graphics for those clothing choices. For their website, we have embarked on a mission to redesign and redevelop it with the latest compliance requirements.

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