Synergy Design & Consulting

Who is Synergy Design & Consulting?

Synergy Design & Consulting is a design and consulting firm located in Northern Virginia. When clients need renovation work done, Synergy D&C facilitates how to get that work done, and who to contact, acting as a liaison between the client and contractors.

Synergy Design & Consulting’s Challenge

When Synergy Design & Consulting approached Marstudio, they were a new business in need of the whole package: branding, print collateral, a website –you name it. They needed material that would convey a sense of trust to their clients, all while serving as a reflection of their firm’s capabilities.

Marstudio’s Solution

Marstudio introduced vibrant colors to their brand, helping them to stand out. We created a set of sleek and clean designs to help reflect their streamlined approach. We quickly went to work on designing trade show banners, folders, and other print materials that exemplified the high-quality atmosphere and work of their firm. We applied this approach to their website as well, creating a professional-looking site.

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