How Coronavirus Has Changed Marketing

Coronavirus turned the world on its head. The marketing world was not immune to these changes. Companies were required to adapt to the seemingly constant changes in the new world we found ourselves in.

Many companies had to face the concerns of their clients and provide reassurance that procedures were in place to ensure their safety. Where once social media was full of promotions, it began to showcase the ways companies were keeping their employees and customers safe. One of the industries that were adversely affected was the food and beverage industry. Some small restaurants and food outlets perished immediately for they did not have enough financial cushion to allow them to adapt. Yet, some larger chains, specifically in fast-casual space, were able to cut cost and modify their operations to survive.

One of our clients, a Persian restaurant chain called Moby Dick House of Kabob, took COVID-19 head-on and right away started a social media campaign communicating their safety measures to their customer base. They also created numerous promotions and offers tailored to boost their sales as the pandemic was taking hold. They also invested in producing videos that showcased how they were implementing safety measures which put their customer base at ease. This active and aggressive campaign helped them weather the initial storm of the pandemic and now they are one of the chains that are reaping the benefits of their quick thinking and rapid shift in their marketing approach. It pays to be nimble and can shift and adapt when volatility strikes fast.

Many companies were forced the close their doors to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. To overcome this obstacle, companies took advantage of no contact delivery services. In the restaurant space, we saw the rapid rise of delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats. Grocery stores ramped up their delivery operations and online stores saw a huge jump in their sales since everyone was forced to get their daily needs online.

We have seen a monumental shift in how businesses market now. Smaller companies have focused on cutting costs and putting more effort into modifying their services to what can be implemented remotely. A lot of companies in the service sector have devised no contact service models and advertise those to ensure they still can maintain their operations.

In this mix, larger companies that have the financial ability to pivot slower have focused on engaging their customer base via virtual platforms like Zoom, Skype, or GoToMeeting. They have found ways to still provide value and market their ability to do so as they still shift to work from home models for their employees.

As we enter Phase 2 of reopening, companies continue to promote the safe practices they are taking. This pandemic has changed the face of business for the foreseeable future. Some companies are seeing opportunities while others see an uncertain future. Regardless, everyone still needs to market and adapt to be able to ride out this unfortunate business climate.

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