Marstudio Has Transformed WeCare Private Duty Services’ Brand Presence

Who is WeCare Private Duty Services?

WeCare’s highly qualified staff is trained in a multitude of areas, blending compassion with skill to create a safe and healthy environment for their clients. They are licensed to provide care for ages 18 and up, providing quality care to adults of all ages. Whether it’s taking care of specific health issues, finding doctors to best suit patients’ needs, or making sure patients can safely navigate their day-to-day activities, WeCare can do it all. WeCare has served more than 3,200 clients and their families. Additionally, they have helped mentor and educate upwards of 1,200 caregivers, who, armed with the knowledge and experience they obtained at WeCare, were able to go on to build careers, travel, and improve their families’ lives. WeCare is headquartered in Pikesville, MD, and is equipped with office staff members in addition to a multitude of caregivers.

WeCare Private Duty Services Challenge

When WeCare Private Duty Services approached Marstudio they already had a viable business. However, they were facing client acquisition challenges as a result of their old brand. Their old brand did not accurately represent their forward-thinking nature and exceptional service record. They had also grown beyond their humble beginnings and they were in need of a brand makeover to signal that monumental shift to a trusted and capable entity.

Marstudio’s Solution

We did what we have done time and again. We took their old brand, assessed its brand equity and history. Then, we designed an exceptional replacement that not only paid homage to the old brand but refined their look to help them signal their transformation to their existing clientele while attracting new ones.

Our brand transformation was far-reaching and touched every aspect of their outward-facing marketing apparatus. In addition to refreshing their logo and creating a much more in tune monogram, we also designed an entirely new brand visual language. We introduced a more vibrant color palette to help them get noticed among their competitors and refined their messaging to ensure their content resonated with their prospects and broader audience.

We did not stop there. We help create a marketing plan that had paid advertising plans on social media channels and Google Ads. This has helped them to slowly acquire more and more market share and go beyond the immediate geographic area.

There is still more work to be done but what we have created for WeCare has already proven effective and efficient helping them solidify their command in the private duty service market.

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