Marstudio News and Updates

Sands Artwork, a contemporary art gallery, tasked Marstudio to create a sustained postcard campaign for their events. Marstudio designed a beautiful postcard showcasing Sands Artworks Gallery’s storefront and the main drag. The postcard campaign was a great success and it has generated sustained visitor traffic for the gallery over the months.[…]

August 1, 2009


After Marstudio revamped Penn Biomedical Support’s brand and redesigned their website they saw the incredible value in having Marstudio continue to provide them with design support and website maintenance needs. They enjoy fast turnarounds on all their content updating needs across the board and that ensures their websites is current at all times with the most recent information available.[…]

July 15, 2009


Ollie Interactive is an imaginative, engaging crew of marketing strategists and from time to time they invite Marstudio to collaborate with them on some of their exciting projects. Marstudio mostly provides design support and execution for their marketing campaigns. So far the collaborations have been extremely fruitful for both Ollie Interactive and Marstudio and the end result has benefited the clients immensely.[…]

July 3, 2009


It was a long time coming but Marstudio finally moved to its new and exciting location in the bustling Rockville Town Square.

The neighborhood is a mix of residential, retail, office and local government entities. Rockville Town Square is a growing segment of the City of Rockville and Marstudio is glad to be part of its expansion.[…]

June 19, 2009


Sands Artwork, a solely Internet based art gallery and e-commerce entity, decided to move its collection of beautiful abstract artwork into a gallery and expand on its online retail operation by having a physical location.

For its grand opening campaign,[…]

June 15, 2009


Kellogg Conference Hotel tasked Marstudio to design the second round of their marketing postcards, elevator signs and magazine ads after the success of their original versions. The designs are simple, elegant, bold and to the point with clever and impactful messaging.[…]

June 1, 2009


Twitter mania has taken over the Internet, media and the airwaves over the past year. Social networking has become a powerful medium for marketing and a great means to expand a brand’s appeal, relevance and its reach.

Marstudio has always been a strong proponent of social media and they have expanded their efforts to design and maintain a Twitter page.[…]

May 8, 2009


Penn Biomedical Support sought Marstudio’s design expertise in a successful effort to overhaul their outdated website and launch their brand new image as a leader in their industry.

For years Penn Biomedical Support has been providing high quality clinical engineering services and communications infrastructure for the healthcare industry,[…]

May 1, 2009


Kellogg Conference Hotel trusted Marstudio to revamp their entire brand. The reaction has been so positive that now they are in the process of redesigning their website.

Marstudio undertook the task of freshening up the Kellogg Conference Hotel’s logo.[…]

May 1, 2009


After months of research and polling, Synergy Design & Consulting decided to create a sister company website to cater to their contractor client base. For that they once again turned to Marstudio. The idea is to create a new website with a new web address that would have tailored information for contractors.[…]

April 15, 2009


PizzaSalad, an organic restaurant in Thousand Oaks, California, has long been a loyal client of Marstudio. After their full marketing collateral design campaign was complete they decided to retain Marstudio to provide them with long term marketing and design services.[…]

April 15, 2009


Penn Biomedical Support, Inc. (PBS) is a privately held corporation and it provides clinical engineering services and communications infrastructure for the healthcare industry. The quality of their service is unmatched in their region but their website did not reflect their exceptional service record.[…]

March 12, 2009


When Kellogg Conference Hotel approached Marstudio to introduce a new marketing strategy and overhaul their dated look they welcomed the challenge.

The task was challenging on so many levels because Kellogg Conference Hotel was already an established entity and a complete rebranding was not a wise and effective option.[…]

March 1, 2009


Moving Minds is a strategic marketing and Internet consultancy focused on creating big, bold brands and backing them up with integrated, multi-channel marketing programs. Marstudio has been privileged to provide design, development and consulting services to Moving Minds on a number of their exciting projects.[…]

February 1, 2009


IPM turned to Marstudio when it was time to freshen up their brand and redesign their outdated website. The result has been “to die for.”

“The challenge was to create a brand that would  compete with the likes of Orkin and Terminex,”[…]

February 1, 2009


Anora Home has been a loyal customer of Marstudio for years, so it was no surprise when they asked them to design and print 20,000 plus postcards for their marketing blitz.

Over the years, Marstudio has established a very clean and crisp look for Anora Home that speaks to the type of furniture that they sell.[…]

January 15, 2009


After months of hard work the collaboration between Synergy Design & Consulting and Marstudio has resulted in an amazing website. The design is clean and crisp and the messaging is on point.

The idea behind the design elements is simple,[…]

January 1, 2009


PizzaSalad, an organic restaurant in Thousand Oaks, CA relied on Marstudio to design their website and all their marketing collateral and we delivered.

As a startup earth conscious organic restaurant there are a lot of unknowns and you’ll never know if you can even make it to the next month after opening.[…]

May 1, 2008