Bethesda Family Therapy Has a New Logo to Match Their Precision-Driven Practice

Bethesda Family Therapy offers state-of-the-art psychotherapy based on the Bowen Family systems theory, which outlines a precise approach to overcoming life difficulties. Bethesda Family Therapy came to Marstudio in search of an original brand that reflected this systematic approach with clients. The owner of the practice also expressed an interest in referencing her Mexican heritage through her new brand.

Drawing from both the Bowen Theory concept and Mayan art, Marstudio created a logo with clean linear lines that speak to the professionalism, precision, structure, and the scientific nature of the practice.

The abstract icon has many elements that can be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on the person. As a whole, the icon is a representation of the geometric patterns found on Mayan artifacts. When you begin to dissect the icon, you see four figures (light blue elements) with their heads joining together in the center of the icon. The figures can be viewed as individuals, two couples, or a single family unit. These various interpretations allow for Bethesda Family Therapy’s visual representation to reinforce the practice’s tagline: individuals, couples, families. The icon is unique, memorable, and strong enough to be recognized without the typeface.

Marstudio balanced the hard angles of the icon with the soft blue color and a rounded serif font. These details soften the overall look of the logo and portray the compassion of the practice when it comes to helping clients reach their goals.

Bethesda Family Therapy’s new logo is an accurate representation of the practice’s culture and values, and can also be easily understood by an external perspective. This logo is one of the many components that Marstudio created in order to develop a strong brand, and tool for growth, for the already successful practice.

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