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Marstudio launches its Twitter page

Marstudio launches Twitter pageTwitter mania has taken over the Internet, media and the airwaves over the past year. Social networking has become a powerful medium for marketing and a great means to expand a brand’s appeal, relevance and its reach.

Marstudio has always been a strong proponent of social media and they have expanded their efforts to design and maintain a Twitter page. Marstudio’s Twitter page now keeps all enthusiastic followers abreast of what is going on with the company and their new endeavors on a regular basis. This not only helps solidify Marstudio’s image as a current design and technology company but it increases its search engine profile in the process. Marstudio has plans to expand its Twitter activity after the launch of their anticipated redesigned website.

You can follow Marstudio on twitter by logging on to:

May 8, 2009


Website Overhaul

Penn Biomedical Support sought Marstudio’s design expertise in a successful effort to overhaul their outdated website and launch their brand new image as a leader in their industry.

For years Penn Biomedical Support has been providing high quality clinical engineering services and communications infrastructure for the healthcare industry, yet their brand and their website spoke a different tune and did not do them justice. Marstudio was tasked to help transform Penn Biomedical Support’s image into a world class company. Now their website reflects the type of quality service that they provide and also paints a much more comprehensive picture of who they are and where they would like to go.

Alongside the website, Marstudio was also tasked to create an updated brand and help create a guideline for all future marketing collateral. This branding exercise allowed Penn Biomedical Support to have a unified look for all their current and future marketing efforts and reinforce the fact that not only they are one of the premier companies in their field, but they look good doing it as well.

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May 1, 2009


A la Carte Colors

Kellogg Conference Hotel trusted Marstudio to revamp their entire brand. The reaction has been so positive that now they are in the process of redesigning their website.

Marstudio undertook the task of freshening up the Kellogg Conference Hotel’s logo. The old logo was showing its age and did not reflect the most recent changes that had taken place at the Kellogg Conference Hotel. Alongside rebranding efforts, Marstudio created a branding guide to serve as a guideline for future marketing collateral. Hence the successful postcard campaign was born that reflected the new Kellogg Conference Hotel’s image. Clean, simple and elegant with a strong message, became the mantra. The design overhaul was expanded to other areas of marketing such as elevator signs, catering menus, table tents, marketing collateral and finally the website. Kellogg Conference Hotel recently was ranked in the top 10 conference hotels worldwide and now they have the look to support that.

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May 1, 2009


Marstudio is retained by Synergy Design & Consulting for its sister company website design and development

After months of research and polling, Synergy Design & Consulting decided to create a sister company website to cater to their contractor client base. For that they once again turned to Marstudio. The idea is to create a new website with a new web address that would have tailored information for contractors. The look and feel of the website was to remain the same as the original, but with some reduced features which were no longer relevant for their new target audience.

To view more of Synergy Design & Consulting work designed by Marstudio please visit their portfolio.

April 15, 2009


Marstudio is retained by Pizza Salad for its long term marketing needs

PizzaSalad, an organic restaurant in Thousand Oaks, California, has long been a loyal client of Marstudio. After their full marketing collateral design campaign was complete they decided to retain Marstudio to provide them with long term marketing and design services. Marstudio would provide print collateral design and web maintenance solutions to keep PizzaSalad’s brand and content as fresh as their ingredients.

To view more of PizzaSalad’s design samples please visit Marstudio’s portfolio section.

April 15, 2009


Penn Biomedical Support retains Marstudio for their website overhaul

Penn Biomedical Support, Inc. (PBS) is a privately held corporation and it provides clinical engineering services and communications infrastructure for the healthcare industry. The quality of their service is unmatched in their region but their website did not reflect their exceptional service record. PBS tasked Marstudio to change that perception and give Penn Biomedical Support a new and exciting look that reflected what the company is all about and where they would like to go in the future.

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March 12, 2009


Marstudio completes and launches its first round of marketing collateral for Kellogg Conference Hotel

Kellogg Conference Hotel PostcardsWhen Kellogg Conference Hotel approached Marstudio to introduce a new marketing strategy and overhaul their dated look they welcomed the challenge.

The task was challenging on so many levels because Kellogg Conference Hotel was already an established entity and a complete rebranding was not a wise and effective option. So Marstudio devised a smart strategy by revamping their existing brand and using their existing colors to introduce a whole new look for their marketing collateral that stirred Kellogg Conference Hotel’s marketing efforts in the right direction.

The new design is fresh, simple, bold and elegant. It reflects the values and services of Kellogg Conference Hotel accurately and so far the response has been extremely positive.

To view more of Kellogg Conference Hotel’s marketing pieces design by Marstudio please visit their portfolio section.

March 1, 2009


Marstudio continues to provide Moving Minds with high level direction for multiple project(s) in the areas of animation, design, development, production and more

Moving Minds is a strategic marketing and Internet consultancy focused on creating big, bold brands and backing them up with integrated, multi-channel marketing programs. Marstudio has been privileged to provide design, development and consulting services to Moving Minds on a number of their exciting projects.

Marstudio has always welcomed collaboration with other design and marketing agencies, for they believe that design is a collaborative effort and it exponentially improves when more creative minds are involved.

If you are a creative or development firm who would like to collaborate on your projects with Marstudio please contact them for more information.

February 1, 2009


Pest Removal with Style

IPM turned to Marstudio when it was time to freshen up their brand and redesign their outdated website. The result has been “to die for.”

“The challenge was to create a brand that would  compete with the likes of Orkin and Terminex,” says Sam, Creative Director at Marstudio.  “IPM gave us carte blanche to create a design bold enough so that once a person visited the website they would  remember it.”  The result has been nothing short of amazing. Feedback has been very positive and the website reflects the business model of IPM perfectly. IPM provides the highest quality of pest removal service and they look good doing it.

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February 1, 2009


ANORA Home turns to Marstudio for a 20,000+ postcard marketing blitz for 2009

Anora Home Postcard CampaignAnora Home has been a loyal customer of Marstudio for years, so it was no surprise when they asked them to design and print 20,000 plus postcards for their marketing blitz.

Over the years, Marstudio has established a very clean and crisp look for Anora Home that speaks to the type of furniture that they sell. Designing their new postcard would require some of the same old creative thinking but with a broader appeal. It was apparent from the beginning that the same design sensibility that had made Anora Home’s magazine advertisement such a hit was required to create a postcard that accurately captured the essence of their product base and also presented them to whole new segment of the population.

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January 15, 2009


Marstudio launches

Synergy D & C Website HomepageAfter months of hard work the collaboration between Synergy Design & Consulting and Marstudio has resulted in an amazing website. The design is clean and crisp and the messaging is on point.

The idea behind the design elements is simple, yet powerfully executed. The color palette is exceptionally warm and inviting and the imagery used speaks to the quality of work that is expected of the firm. Synergy D&C’s guidance throughout the design process was extremely helpful in determining the design direction and choosing the right visual components for the website. Last but not least, Marstudio’s development team executed the design flawlessly and made sure that the website is completely W3C compliant. Moreover, they made sure that the website is search engine optimized and all the elements are in place so that it would get indexed properly.

Overall the design and development process was a huge success that the website was delivered on time and within budget.

To view more Synergy D&C collateral designed by Marstudio please visit their portfolio section.

January 1, 2009


Delicious Curves

PizzaSalad, an organic restaurant in Thousand Oaks, CA relied on Marstudio to design their website and all their marketing collateral and we delivered.

As a startup earth conscious organic restaurant there are a lot of unknowns and you’ll never know if you can even make it to the next month after opening. But the owners of this organic pizza and salad restaurant never had any doubt that with a strong will, fantastic ingredients, great food and eye-popping marketing collateral not only they could survive but thrive. From the start Marstudio created a conceptual design that was all about ingredients, quality and being Green. Organic and Green was the name of the game and we made sure that both concepts became the center of every collateral created. PizzaSalad went all out and had us produce everything from soup to nuts and they response from their customers has been amazingly positive. Now they have become a fixture of Thousand Oaks, CA and we are so happy to be part of their success.

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May 1, 2008