7 Decades of Anonymity is No More for Carmen Herrera.

Seven decades of anonymity unravels for Carmen Herrera when she sells her first painting for $50,000. Now every museum and gallery in the world is scrambling to get their hands on her minimalist paintings. She used to paint in peace and enjoy the lifestyle of an anonymous artist but her work is just too good to be kept a secret any longer. Now the world has the opportunity to cherish her work while she is still alive and give her the recognition that she so deserves at the ripe age of 95.

Her work is so reminiscent of Ellsworth Kelly, yet there is a purity of concept and execution that sets her apart. Carmen’s work is not minimalist in nature even though from the outset it appears that way. Her work is very complex in concept yet extremely minimal in execution. Color plays a huge role in setting the mood for each painting and contrary to Ellsworth Kelly’s bright palette she distinguishes her work with darker tones and shades of color.

Carmen recently gave an interview to The Telegraph which you can read here.

– Sam

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