Enjoying Art While Waiting for Your Flight

It is so refreshing to see famous artists at display in places that you least expect them to appear. In a recent trip to London I had the privilege of staying at the newly improved Toronto Airport, and to my delight I encountered a great work from Richard Serra greeting me as soon as I descended from the escalator that took me to the gates. It was a great sight to see, for a work of this stature is usually reserved for high profile galleries and museums and to see it in a permanent display in the international flight waiting area speaks volumes to how Canadians view their public spaces and the impression they would like to leave with the passing international travelers. My hat is off to the Toronto Airport authorities and I hope this starts a chain reaction if imitators so that more international travelers get to see and experience such great works of art up close and personal, even if they are not going to ever step into a museum or gallery.

– Sam

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