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What It Takes to Design an Office Space that Shows, Not Tells

by Marstudio Inc.

“Why not dream big?”

We help our clients dream big every day, so when we began designing our new space in Rockville Town Center, we took that question to heart. Our state-of-the-art facility has a personality that you can feel when you walk in the door.[…]

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Marstudio Takes on the #MannequinChallenge

by Marstudio Inc.

Recently there has been quite a trend going around. We are not sure if it was inspired by the dropping temperatures outside, or if it was brought upon by our inner child’s desire to play freeze tag, or maybe because the biggest shopping season is now upon us.[…]

Marstudio | Marketing Redefined

There’s More to Marstudio’s Logo Than Meets the “Eye”

by Sam R.

A Good Logo Tells a Story

Most everyone has heard of an “elevator pitch.” It’s the way you explain your business’ value proposition quickly to people you meet on an elevator before they get off at the next floor. To create that elevator pitch,[…]

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When it Comes to Company Culture, What Really Matters?

by Dana S.

Company culture is one of those intangible business concepts that is difficult to define.

But that doesn’t mean plenty of people haven’t tried. Forbes contributor William Craig says, “Company culture is something that is pre-existing in your company’s genetic code;[…]

Marstudio headquarters in Rockville Metro Plaza MD

VIDEO: The Making of Marstudio’s New Headquarters in Rockville, MD

by Marstudio Inc.

Marstudio, Inc. recently moved into a strategic new location at Rockville Metro Plaza in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. Because so much creative design went into the construction, environmental design, and interior elements of our workspace, Marstudio’s Corporate Film &[…]

Marstudio by the numbers 2015

Marstudio by the Numbers in 2015

by Marstudio Inc.

How do you measure a year? In infographics! As we look back over the past 12 months, the Marstudio team is proud of the number of awards we’ve won, surprised at the amount of swag we gave away at trade shows,[…]

Mind blown

Why You Need to Take on Clients, Not Projects

by Shevy S.

One of our mantras at Marstudio is: “We take on clients, not projects.” For a marketing agency – or any business, in fact – that’s pretty rare. But this approach is proven to work, and it’s an approach almost any company can use,[…]

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6 Benefits of an Open Floor Office Space

by Matthew M.

When we moved into our new office in Rockville more than a year ago, we found ourselves in a really stunning space. Floor-to-ceiling windows with twenty-foot ceilings. A modern look with an industrial edge. And a truly open floor office space for the first time in the company’s history.[…]

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How to Build the Perfect Team

by Monika Jansen

Building a successful company requires a lot of things. Strong leadership. A distinct niche. A value proposition that clicks with your audience. Products and services that people want. A brilliant marketing campaign. Steady cash flow.

But more than anything,[…]