NBA Encouragement Promos… Simply Amazing!

Every year NBA commissions a series of ads that are very striking in execution and ingenuity. Few years back it was the split screen commercials that put rivals faces on either side of the TV screen both uttering the same words. The dynamic of the the faces that where put side by side made the ads even more interesting considering some of the players didn’t have a good rapport with each other.

Then it came the video synced to music done by DJ Steve Porter which captured the essence of what NBA is all about. He masterfully stitched scenes from NBA’s WIRED video segments to create lyrics for his background music essentially making a music video from NBA footage.

And now we see these new Encouragement promos that show a fan travel back in time and meet a future NBA star such as young Amare Stoudemire, Kevin Durant or even Steve Nash. The premise and execution seems very simple but when you get to watch the video a couple of times then the wonder sets in. How on earth they managed to create these commercials? Did they somehow superimpose the players faces on someone else’s while replicating the look of an old video from their past? The emotions are all over the map over these ads and they range from brilliant to down right creepy. Yet there is one thing that is undeniable, NBA knows how to get the attention of its fans.

– Sam

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