Why is this taking so long?

We all have had to deal with waiting at some point or another. We sit in traffic. We wait in checkout lines. We wait for stuff to download. But, we are getting more impatient as days go by and “I want it now” syndrome is slowly creeping into our lives and taking hold of our actions and emotions.

I have had some encounters with impatient people in my line of work and as long as I can remember the end result of whatever needed to be delivered or executed ended up being sub par or down right useless. We tend to sacrifice quality and accuracy for the quick fix. Just take a look at the smartphone market and you’ll get the idea. We put up with inefficiency as long as it is close enough. If only we waited a little longer we would have gotten better results but since we are impatient we tend to compromise and live with mediocrity. Then when things go wrong we look for someone to blame but ourselves. This is the state of today’s technology, politics and so many other social aspects of our lives.

This morning I came across a great article on NPR that I would like to share. It puts things in perspective and makes valid points why we need to take more time for future benefits rather than rush for quick fixs. But who am I kidding? I bet you are too impatient to get to this last line that has the link to that article.

– Sam

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