Xfinity Rolling Out iPad App to Control TV Content

The emergence of the iPad as an entertainment hub is undeniable. Apple has long been a trend setter for the industry and everyone so far has been playing catch up. It’s true that all competitors come up with gadgets that boast better performance and more features, but what they all have been lacking is timing.

It looks like almost everyone, even the almighty Google, has been sitting on the sidelines to see what Apple does next so that they can top it, but the important fact remains that getting your product to the market the fastest is always the most important aspect of taking a lead in the industry. That is why companies have started to realize that by piggy backing on Apple’s success they can become successful as well.

Case in point, the new Xfinity iPad application that allows the user to control TV content. This is a genius idea if you ask me. Why? Simple! Almost everyone that bought an iPad in the past year and has Comcast is going to control TV content and Comcast is going to reap the benefits of this move. I’m pretty sure that soon they are going to make the connection between the cable box and the iPad even more seamless so that the user would be able not only to control the TV content via the iPad, but they would be able to watch all that content on it as well. And that’s the day that Comcast can control the dessemination of its content on its own terms and get a leg up on the competition, thanks to none other than Apple.

– Sam

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