Marstudio MudMartians Take On the Savage Race

This summer was a great one here at Marstudio! In late July, we participated in our first ever Savage Race in Kennedyville, Maryland. We woke up early on a hot summer Saturday and made the trek out to the course. And, of course, we made custom Marstudio t-shirts for our team and came up with the name “Mud Martians” for ourselves, which was fitting for the day.

The Savage Race is an obstacle course that includes a 5-6 mile run and a ton of crazy obstacles that require teamwork, endurance, skill, strength and strategy to complete. We were definitely challenged and had a great time jumping into dumpsters full of ice water, climbing over a giant mountain of hay bales, scaling 9 foot walls, and crawling under barbed wire through the thickest mud ever. Our team may not have had the biggest biceps or fastest legs that day, but we definitely had the most spirit.  We crossed the finish line in style and were super proud of this awesome accomplishment we achieved together (plus we got free beer at the end!).

To make our experience even better, we documented our day of fun and filth with a GoPro camera, which takes video from the point of view of the wearer. Check out the video we made from our footage!

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