Bethesda Family Therapy’s New Website is LIVE!

Bethesda Family Therapy has been a long-time client of Marstudio. Our relationship started with a logo, and grew to include various print collateral, PowerPoint templates, directory ads, executive portraiture, and more. A new website was a long-term goal set by the owner of Bethesda Family Therapy, and after systematically working on the site architecture, design, and development, we have reached completion!

We created a very clean, bright website with lots of open space, taking extra care to make sure the website would appear welcoming to Bethesda Family Therapy’s target demographic. The homepage uses high impact, emotional visuals that convey optimism to the viewer. The design is perfectly balanced by two heavy modules on the left and the photograph’s focal point on the right.


Overall the website has a very positive and hopeful quality that is a perfect representation of Bethesda Family Therapy, and a great marketing tool. Together we have methodically built the brand from the most basic building-block, a logo, to the all-new website now live at!

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