How to Write Emails that Get Opened and Read

Email inboxes are increasingly full – and cluttered. But we don’t have to tell you that. If you’re like most people, right now your inbox has a stack of emails just waiting to be read.

Your customers and clients are no different. They have too much inbox clutter and too little time to waste on uninspired messages. So how can you ensure your emails are opened – and read – by your target audience?

Here are some tips to keep you out of the Spam folder:

Be personal

Instead of thinking about your “list” or “subscribers,” write as if you’re emailing one person. This approach will instantly personalize your emails.

Put your actual name as the “from” address. This move shows you are willing to stand behind the words in your email.

Empathize with your readers, show you understand their struggles, and ask how you can help. People respond better if you’re on their side.

Don’t overdo it. Using the recipient’s name in the greeting is fine, but don’t repeat it too often because it makes you sound like your writing too formulaic.

Be intriguing

Powerful words, like sensory and emotional words, attract attention. Use them in the subject lines to stand out in crowded inboxes.

Use a number – digits catch the eye when scanning email subject lines.

Inspire curiosity by occasionally using unconventional words. For example, “violate website rules,” or “tickle the sales funnel.”

Alert readers to common mistakes in your industry since nobody wants to be left in the dark.

Don’t try to be too clever. Simple, direct subject lines usually win over clichés and jokes.

Be specific

Build trust by letting people know what to expect. Of course, sales pitches are part of your email marketing campaign, but just be clear people know what they’re getting when signing up for your email list.

Tell people exactly what they’ll learn or how you’ll make their lives easier, make them more informed, etc., so they’ll want to read more.

Don’t go back on your promises. If you say you’ll deliver something to your readers, make sure you do just that.

Be useful

Reward people for reading your messages. Share a useful tip or inspiring information to ensure your readers benefit from opening your emails.

Readers will welcome emails from you if you are helpful, generous and friendly – like a true friend would be. Avoid emailing only when you need something from them.

Don’t waste people’s time. Keeping the tip above in mind, but only email when you have something that is honestly valuable or helpful to say.

Be mobile-friendly

One final tip: With 53 percent of emails being read on mobile devices, you must consider mobile optimization when crafting an email. All the tips in the world won’t help if your target audience can’t even digest your message on their phones or tablets.

On average, a mobile screen shows only four to seven words in the subject line, so shorter will always be better for mobile.

Though they’ve been around for a while, emails can still stump even the best marketers. If you want to take these tips a step further, give us a call. We can optimize your emails’ content and design to ensure more clicks, opens and actions.

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