6 Benefits of an Open Floor Office Space

When we moved into our new office in Rockville more than a year ago, we found ourselves in a really stunning space. Floor-to-ceiling windows with twenty-foot ceilings. A modern look with an industrial edge. And a truly open floor office space for the first time in the company’s history.

So far, we’ve reaped multiple benefits of our open floor space – that you can enjoy too. Here are the top six:

Illustrates that a company is, indeed, “open”

An open floor plan illustrates that the company is open – it’s proof that you talk the talk AND walk the walk. When you have the CEO working alongside a newly hired assistant, you instantly understand that the company values transparency and accessibility. Here at Marstudio, I’m not a “creative,” but my creative input is asked for and seriously taken into consideration – I love that.

Allows easy collaboration

An open and dynamic structure lends itself to collaboration – you can just stand up and ask everyone a question and get instant feedback. Without walls, you can also tap into the collective “hum” of energy, and you can celebrate company-wide victories as soon as they happen (rather than waiting for next week’s staff meeting).

Encourages creativity – if you play music

I’ve alluded to it above, but creating an open environment really affects our creativity simply because we always have music playing (and anyone can change it). One day we might listen to jazz from the 1940s, and the next day it might be alternative rock from the 1990s. Then we might have an all Mozart day.

Different music affects creativity in different ways, and our team has also found that it can plant new ideas in your head and push you to explore alternatives you hadn’t considered. In fact, music has been proven to spark creativity in math and science and creativity in general (but especially spatial reasoning).

Builds a tremendous amount of trust

You can’t “hide” when the floor plan is open – that seems pretty obvious, right? Being able to see everyone with their head down, working away, builds a tremendous amount of trust, camaraderie, and an “all hands on deck” mentality. We all feel more invested in Marstudio as a result.

Keeps the company vision top-of-mind

Because senior leadership works alongside everyone else, the company’s vision remains crystal clear as it gets reiterated on a regular basis. Having a direct line of thought from the person who originates the idea to the person who executes it is really invaluable. Ideas don’t get watered down or changed; quality remains high.

Saves money – and the environment

An open floor plan saves both money and the environment. Because there are fewer walls and doors, you instantly save on construction costs and material usage. You also enjoy better airflow and a sunnier (or at least a brighter) space, thus reducing heating, cooling, and electricity costs. As your company grows, you have a more flexible floor plan to work with.

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