Marstudio Takes on the #MannequinChallenge

Recently there has been quite a trend going around. We are not sure if it was inspired by the dropping temperatures outside, or if it was brought upon by our inner child’s desire to play freeze tag, or maybe because the biggest shopping season is now upon us. Whatever it is, the Mannequin challenge has become quite a popular thing on social media recently and Marstudio thought this would be a fun one to take a swing at doing. We missed out on making videos for the Running Man challenge videos and even Juju on the beat, because let’s face it, we aren’t all dancers, but the Mannequin Challenge gave us a template that we could easily Marstudio up and create something we are very proud of. Check out the video first:

Now that you have enjoyed our masterpiece, we can go over what went into making it. Here are a few stats for you first:

  • 13 staff members
  • 3,142 sq. foot marketing studio (consisting of 10+ desks, a meeting table, 1 photo studio, and a meeting room)
  • 1 camera hand-off
  • 4+ minutes of original video footage
  • 1 stuffed gorilla intern

We managed to use all of these items to create our Marstudio Mannequin Challenge, but the real challenge was getting all of them in the video, and doing it all in one take, NO CUTS.  In the initial planning process the video was going to be three sections, the entrance, the support staff area and the meeting table, but quite frankly our CEO Shevy didn’t find that challenging enough, so we decided to expand it to the whole studio, and in doing that we told the story of a typical day at Marstudio.

We made sure to show everything that we love about our company, between our collaborative spirit, our enthusiastic leadership, our charismatic staff members, our many capabilities and of course our lovely studio.

The execution of this video wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and it took some expert camera work, some fast feet, and a practice run or two, but we managed to make it work. Once we executed it fully, we were excited about our final product, but considering the size of our studio and our many staff members, it came out to be a bit longer than we wanted. So, we cut the time by speeding up some of the shots to reduce the time of the video, but not the actual recording, still doing this with no cuts or further augmentation. And just to silence all the haters, here is the unedited version of the video:

A bit less fun, but just as awesome overall. All in all and it was a great success, we had fun as a team making something we all could be proud of, and did it together as the Marstudio team, making sure to include every member.

So, we will accept our awards in whatever form, in praise or in trophies and ribbons, and we would like to thank the Internet for yet another opportunity for us to show off our skills as a creative agency, and remind everyone that at Marstudio we always find a way to balance out the work with some well-deserved play. Thanks for watching our Mannequin Challenge and make sure to stay on the lookout for our next amazing social media project.

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