Turning Our Hometown into a Tourist Attraction

Anyone who has been in Montgomery County for the past 10, 5, or even 2 years can say that they have seen a rapid change to the fabric of this county that came from dense and rapid economic development.

This rapid change is what motivated Visit Montgomery County to step into the doors of our studio, with the intent of creating powerful and effective lead generation through a social media marketing campaign, creating a strong partnership between two Montgomery County organizations.

Producing a strong venture partnership is reliant on both parties having the same goals in mind. This was the case for Marstudio and Visit Montgomery County. As the official destination and travel website for Montgomery County, Maryland, Visit Montgomery County has a focus on using outside tourism and visitors, from near and far, to help boost Montgomery County’s economic goals.

This goal paired perfectly with Marstudio’s goals for supporting the community that supports them. Our strategic marketing and business development services have helped local businesses build upon their own success, creating impactful returns on investments. This, combined with Marstudio’s community service outreach and unwavering focus on local economic development, made this partnership a match made in heaven.

Focusing in on how Visit Montgomery County approached this project, and their intended outcome of a tourism video, choosing Marstudio was key for the results that were achieved. The reality is that no product sells itself, no matter how good it is. So, this video needed to show those who aren’t from Montgomery County what a great area this is.

To do this, Montgomery County’s differentiators needed to not only be researched but also understood in order to sell them. Who better for a job like this than a company whose headquarters sits in the heart of the county. From Marstudio’s perspective this project was perfect because of our knowledge of and love for MoCo.

Also in the Marstudio spirit, it knocked out two birds with one stone. The first was helping a local community organization to build success with strategic and effective marketing outreach, and the second was setting the foundation for other businesses in the area to build success with the influx of tourist business.

Marstudio made sure to approach this video project as we do with any other project of this sort. We sat down with Visit Montgomery County for a thorough film & photo consultation to set the foundation for their needs. After that we did in-depth market research to identify with accuracy the brand voice and brand message that needed to come across in the video.

We discovered what makes MoCo such a noteworthy community. It is the perfect mix between a small town and a big city, without the madness of a city or the bore of a small town. We have a vast diversity of places to be active, places to eat & drink, places to dance and places to relax. Based on all of this data, along with the platform in which the video would be distributed, we began storyboarding, location planning, and then finally shooting.

The actual filming process spanned to over 30 locations and about 3 months total, with some of the filming taking place in autumn and some taking place in spring. This allowed us to capture MoCo in different seasons, showing diverse activities that are available year-round.

Using our DJI Inspire 1 drone camera, along with Panasonic GH4 cameras on a DJI Ronin M, we captured 4K quality shots, and aerial drone footage of many different areas, showing off MoCo’s craft beer breweries and wineries, popular town centers for shopping and dining, and even our beautiful and open nature trails. This equipment’s quality and functionality brought an extra layer of value to this video, and MoCo in general. In short, we had already walked the walk, now this video talks the talk.

The true value of this promotional video goes far beyond a marketing video for Montgomery County. Showing off these locations with quality and skill opens the door for support of the county from the outside and from within it. Visit Montgomery County’s mission for continued economic development in Montgomery County starts with a video like this.

Once visitors come across the Visit Montgomery County website, they will see the vast variety of activities that people can be engaged in while in Montgomery County. When we come together we can create profound impact, and the partnership of Marstudio and Visit Montgomery County will help take both organizations far, bringing all of Montgomery County along with them.

Watch the video here, or contact our Corporate Film & Photography Department to find out more about how our video production services can show off your business, location, or brand.

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