Enhesa: Simplifying Complicated Corporate Messages

Enhesa is a leading environmental, health, and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Marstudio has had the pleasure of rebranding Enhesa, and collaborating with their organization on multiple marketing and web presence strategies. Enhesa needed a cohesive brand image, including recognizable visuals and compelling marketing language, which could be applied across all platforms – print, web, multimedia, etc.

The Challenge

The compliance industry is highly complex. Add to that Enhesa’s comprehensive list of services and insights, and you’ve got a complicated tangle of sales material, web content, and educational materials.

The Solution

We simplified the complex ideas throughout Enhesa’s printed and web related materials by incorporating visuals, easy-to-understand language, and infographics to appeal to the reader.

Branding, Logo Design, & Messaging

First we worked on Enhesa’s corporate identity, including logo, messaging, business cards, and letterhead. Our goal was to create a professional, engaging, and modern brand that communicated Enhesa’s extensive knowledge and expertise in global compliance. As we developed the colors and visuals during this stage, we needed to think long-term to ensure they would be effective on all future materials. Before-and-After-Enhesa

We used the circle from the previous logo as a building block for the new Enhesa logo, and introduced all-new colors and a custom typeface. The complex, yet structured, linear pattern within the circular icon represents the interconnectedness of Enhesa’s various services and the dependable path used to deliver these services. The colored line groupings can also be decoded as the letter “E”.

The three main brand colors represent Enhesa’s three main areas of focus:

  • Green, for the environment
  • Yellow, for health
  • Blue, for safety

We are continuing to use these colors as indicators for each focus area on current and future pieces of marketing collateral. The fourth main color is a neutral brown that grounds the other, brighter colors.

At first glance, Enhesa’s name does not imply any information about their industry or expertise. Upon further inspection, though, it is a combination of Environment, Health, and Safety. Although this is a fun puzzle, we wanted to create a descriptor and a tagline that would instantly communicate who Enhesa is and what they do. The descriptor Worldwide Compliance Intelligence accompanies the Enhesa logo and adds context. It explicitly states the business of Enhesa and their solutions. We also developed several marketing messages for Enhesa, like Compliance is Our Business, which promotes the company as superior to its competitors. This dual messaging strategy covers both of Enhesa’s needs: educating and persuading.


We applied the branding elements established in the first stage to Enhesa’s print collateral, including marketing flyers, rack cards, and a beautiful agenda book for the Enhesa-hosted conference Enhesa Compliance Exchange. See our Print Portfolio for more pictures of Enhesa’s print collateral designed by Marstudio.

Web Design & Development

When Marstudio first began working with Enhesa, the Enhesa Compliance Exchange was fast approaching. New collateral that reflected their updated brand had been designed and printed in time for the event; however, the out-dated website was still live, emphasizing the contrast between Enhesa’s old and new identities. Such inconsistency in visual appearance can breed unwarranted mistrust, and we did not want attendees to experience shock or confusion when transitioning from the event materials to the Enhesa website. To meet Enhesa’s needs (and our tight deadline), Marstudio divided the project into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 included a site architecture based on the existing website content. It also included a homepage and single subpage mockup that, once approved, our development team would apply to all the other web pages. We also created custom banners for each section of the website, and developed a new system for Enhesa to distribute their quarterly industry publication, Enhesa Flash. Previously, the Enhesa Flash PDFs could only be accessed through JooMag, a third party platform. Marstudio designed and developed a new blog structure, which we integrated into the website, to replace the PDFs. Now, Enhesa Flash is easily accessible from their website without having to download a file or enter a third-party site. Marstudio met the deadline and proudly launched the updated website in record time for the Enhesa Compliance Exchange.


Phase 2, which is currently in progress, includes ongoing improvements and more comprehensive changes to the content, structure, and functionality of the website. We are working with Enhesa to establish a strategy for better SEO performance and generation of meaningful content for their web pages.


Enhesa is an excellent example of Marstudio’s capabilities, comprehensive services, and uniquely adaptable process (which is cyclical!) In addition to branding, print, and web, Marstudio has also helped Enhesa with tradeshow strategy and design. See more of our work for Enhesa in our Campaign Portfolio.

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