SEO Still Matters

Every once in awhile, fear arises over the idea that SEO is dead. Skeptics gather and claim that everything people know about SEO from the last 30 years is useless, stating a myriad of reasonings to back their claim. But is it true? The short answer is no.

New technology changes the way we interact with the Internet, but the fact of the matter is, search engines will always be a part of using the net, meaning that optimizing your information for those engines will always be necessary.

In 1992, there were barely one million devices connected to the Internet. By the end of 2018, there were more than 22 billion devices connected to the Internet. As the years go on, that number is expected to climb even higher.

For further perspective, over 91% of all online experiences begin with a search engine of some sort and 75% of users never scroll to page 2 of their search engine of choice.

These search engines help narrow users searches to the information they want and as a business, SEO techniques will help to ensure you are among those options of relevant searches, potentially pushing your content to the front pages of those searches.

SEO isn’t dead, it’s merely adapting to an ever-growing market. Previous SEO practices like “keyword stuffing” are certainly no longer viable options, but other techniques have arisen in its place. That’s why you need someone like Marstudio who still knows how to play the SEO game with all its pieces, making strategic maneuvers to give your business extra exposure online. If you are interested in our SEO services, contact us today to set up a consultation.

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