Choosing Fonts that Reflect Your Business

Your company has a name, a tagline, and you’ve decided on colors. Now here comes the next part: the logo. While the imagery is a big portion of a logo, picking the right font to use in your logo and in assorted branded collateral is critical.

Different fonts can convey different emotions, just as the power of different words do. Some fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally disliked, often used as the butt of a joke. On the other hand, fonts like HTF Didot and Akzidenz Grotesk are usually held in higher regard.

An important question to keep in mind while deciding on a font is “What are the more prominent qualities of my brand?” Is the personality of your brand fun and lighthearted? Or is it something more serious? What do you want users to feel when they see your logo? Fun, blocky letters might not be the best choice for a bank or a doctor’s office who wants to instill a sense of trust in their customers. However, those fonts are great options for something like a children’s arcade.

Another important thing to remember about font selection is legibility. You could have a great logo and an amazing tagline, but if no one can read it, what’s the point? While some fonts are suitable for logos and banners, they might not be the best choice once they’re reduced in size for regular, body text. This doesn’t mean you can only use one font for the entirety of your banner or website, but it means that the fonts you do use must be legible at the sizes they are at. The two fonts need to gel well together, working in harmony rather than dissonance.

If you are in need of a new font, Marstudio would be happy to help. We craft custom fonts and provide clients with multiple viable options for their brand to choose from. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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