Shah & Kishore Family Law

Who is Shah & Kishore?

Shah & Kishore is a team of experienced family law attorneys who work to provide the best solutions for their clients amidst difficult times.

Shah & Kishore’s Challenge

Shah & Kishore’s website wasn’t accurately reflecting their business as a capable, yet trustworthy group of attorneys. The copy on the site seemed to focus more on the negative aspects of divorce, lacking any sort of positive message.

Marstudio’s Solution

For Shah & Kishore’s website, we sought to reflect the company’s strong values while still making clients feel safe and at home. To get this feeling across, we blended soothing colors like light greys and blues, incorporating a welcoming interface that was easy to navigate. We made sure this website would be accessible from tablets and mobile devices, allowing them to expand their reach. We also restructured the content, including some positive messages and writing in a more hopeful tone.

Once their website was complete, we incorporated their branding across multiple forms of collateral. We created business cards, flyers, and folders. In addition, we stylized complex forms, designed insightful infographics, and created an e-book. We produced business cards, flyers, and folders as well.

Once the website was live and functioning, we had to make sure it ranked well for SEO. To do this, we not only went in and edited the SEO, but we constructed a series of monthly blogs to help search engines spot organic keywords.


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