Who Is Safinia?

Safinia is an artificial intelligence platform created by Lexical Intelligence.

Safinia’s Challenge

When Lexical Intelligence approached Marstudio, the company had the software but didn’t have a set name or branding for it yet. They were also in need of a product website.

Marstudio’s Solution

First thing’s first, the product needed a name. The AI platform was designed to gather millions of data points and deliver clear information to decision-makers. So, we focused on that concept and created the name Safinia, which is a modification of the Greek word for clarity.

Once the name was picked, it was time to design a logo. We took from the imagery of the biograph illustration that represented the function of the AI platform. We sketched many concepts and tried to simplify the complex graphic. Eventually, we created a unique monogram that accurately represented what the AI platform did.

With the name and logo out of the way, it was time to get to work on Safinia’s website. The design sought to clearly represent the company’s product while embodying the intellectual yet minimalistic aesthetic our client was so eager to portray. The end result is a site that delivers Safinia’s message in a simple, sleek, and minimalistic way.

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