21st Century Expo Group

Who Is 21st Century Expo Group?

21st Century Expo Group delivers unforgettable events and exhibits to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

21st Century Expo Group’s Challenge

When 21st Century Expo Group approached Marstudio, their old logo was outdated, and their color scheme was not something that spoke to the nature of their business. Their website was also out of date and needed an overhaul.

Marstudio’s Solution

Their old brand colors were purple and mustard, which didn’t speak to the nature of their business, which was colorful and sleek. Instead, we made a lively, multicolored logo to reflect the vivacious and high-energy nature of their work.

We also redesigned their website, getting rid of outdated terminology and updating their navigation. We also designed it to include their new branding elements and to address their current needs.

Additionally, we updated and designed their PowerPoints, capabilities statement, booth graphics, corporate collateral and corporate IDs. We also came up with a new tagline for their business.

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