Making a Logo: A Look Inside the Involved Process

A logo is an essential part of every company, oftentimes serving as a first impression of sorts to potential customers. So how do designers go about creating something so integral?

Research & Brainstorming

It all starts with a little research. The designer has to look into your company, its history, goals, etc. All of this is done to create a highly personalized, meaningful logo for your company. The designer also looks into competitors, ensuring that when they design your logo, it is wholly unique.

After the initial research phase, several concepts are brainstormed. Ideas begin to form in the designer’s head though they have yet to be fully refined.


Once the ideas are in place, the sketching phase helps iron them out and bring life to those thoughts. Some artists will prefer to sketch only through digital means, while others will turn to old fashioned pen and paper first, turning their work digital next.


The next phase in the logo design process is the presentation phase. After the designer has sketched their different logo concepts and created a few sound options, it’s time to introduce them to the client.

At Marstudio, we create a Brand Presentation document, which highlights our reasons behind our creative choices, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Revisions & Approval

After the presentation phase, it’s likely that the client will have some edits to the logo, even ones they like – it is their logo after all. The designer takes their critique and implements those edits.

Once edits are made, the document is sent out for final approval.
If you are a company in need of a new logo, Marstudio can help. Our expert team excels at creating unique, high quality logos that set you apart from the crowd. Call us today to set up a consultation and we can evaluate your needs.

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