What Is Brand Identity and Why Does it Matter?

Brand identity is the visual elements a brand uses to distinguish itself and set the tone for its business. This includes the logo, the colors, fonts, and other visual elements. Strong brand identity may not seem important, but consumers make subconscious decisions based on a brand identity all the time.

Having a strong brand identity gives an added value to the products or services you provide. Although you may offer similar products as your competitor, having a stronger brand identity signifies that your product is better. Good branding also sends a subliminal message that your company has been around a while and can afford to have good branding. This can give your company a sense of reliability and experience.

Branding is useful for recognition amongst consumers. People are constantly being bombarded with brands daily. Having a brand identity that stands out will ensure that your brand is remembered. This can be good or bad for a business. Poor branding can have a negative impact on how people perceive your product as well. However, good branding can build up loyalty amongst your customers who will then recommend your product or service to people they know.

At Marstudio we recognize the importance of brand identity and how it impacts your business. Contact us today to give your brand the push it needs to be more successful.

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