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How the Power of a Social Media Strategy Can Increase Sales

by Marstudio, Inc.

Our client Geminique sells glass gems and water beads as decorative accents for crafts, floral arrangements, and home décor. Over the last two years, Marstudio has helped the company with rebranding, redesigning their packaging, and redesigning their website.[…]

There’s More to Marstudio’s Logo Than Meets the “Eye”

by Sam R.

A Good Logo Tells a Story

Most everyone has heard of an “elevator pitch.” It’s the way you explain your business’ value proposition quickly to people you meet on an elevator before they get off at the next floor. To create that elevator pitch,[…]

What Marketing and Tech Can Learn from Each Other

by Annie K.

Last month I attended the Women in Tech Summit, a gathering of fellow developers and digital strategists. Throughout many fascinating workshops, panels, and presentations, one theme stood out to me personally – the striking similarities between the tech industry and the marketing industry.[…]

UBER’s Quiet Rebrand Makes App Icon Harder to Spot

by Sam R.

Sometimes companies rebrand themselves with a lot of hoopla and fanfare – as Yahoo did, and the end result was a huge disappointment. So there is merit in doing a rebrand quietly, and that is what UBER opted for.[…]

Harley Davidson

The Aging Harley Davidson Brand

by Marstudio Inc.

Some brands can withstand the test of time. Others, however, may not be so fortunate–as is the case with Harley Davidson.

Is this iconic brand in need of a refresh?

Find out here.[…]

New Hobby Lobby logo branding

Under the Microscope: Hobby Lobby Gets a New Logo

by Marstudio Inc.

The Hobby Lobby logo has undergone a makeover, and the result is a bit surprising.

Considering their previous logo’s look was pretty dated, this new design is a breath of fresh air:

The flat orange and white colors and the simplicity of the new logo will lend itself well to social media icons for the brand,[…]

new packaging design

Grill Iron’s New Packaging Design

by Marstudio Inc.

As we celebrate the last few weeks of grilling weather, let’s take a minute to enjoy this new packaging design.

Grill Iron needed an overhaul to their package design that was effective but would fit in with their lean budget.[…]

New Google logo design 2015

Google’s New Logo Adds Form to Function

by Annie K.

There’s a lot going on over at the Google headquarters these days. After a massive restructuring to come up with the new parent company name, Alphabet, Google also unveiled a clean new logo design this week.

As a company that initially focused on providing much-needed functionality,[…]


by Emma S.

IHOP’s new logo, reinvented by Studio Tilt, modernizes the traditional, and widely recognized original logo. The new logo’s biggest change is turning its “frown” upside down, and adding a smiling face to the restaurant’s name. The “o” and “p” now act as eyes.[…]